to Algebra I!


Course Curriculum

Spring Semester

PS 11: Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities with One and Two Variables by Graphing

PS 11: Writing and Graphing Linear Inequalities Two-Variables

PS 12: Properties of Exponents

PS 13 Polynomial Expressions

PS 14: Quadratic Functions and Factoring

PS 15 Quadratic Equations and Solutions

PS 16: Exponential Functions and EOC Prep

Fall Semester

PS I: Solving Linear Equations with One Variable

PS II: Graphing Linear Functions

PS III: Writing Linear Functions

PS IV-VI: Solving Systems of Linear Equations

PS VII-X: Writing and Solving Systems of Linear Equations using Algebraic Methods

Note: Current Power Standard

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Hi! I'm Mrs. Stokes.

I love hikes, puzzles, dragons, my husband, my dog (Luna), and my kitten (Westley). I am a Texas A&M Graduate with a B.S. from the College of Engineering in Robotics and Education.​ I am certified to teach all Math classes grades 6-12, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering for middle and high school students. I am very excited to start my career at Crockett teaching Algebra! Math is the language of the universe and can describe the world around us in as much detail as a Tolkien describes the Baggin's family tree. The first step to understanding this language is algebra! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome young minds into the world of analytical mathematics!